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The Glass Studio on Cape Cod was founded in 1992 by Michael and Keiko Magyar with their two children. They came from Japan and with the help of Chiyoji Asahara from The Glass Studio in Otaru (Japan), were able to create the studio and gallery. Since then the two have worked excruciatingly hard to bring their love of glass to the cape, and spread that love to many others. Michael and Keiko not only create and sell the glass from their Cape Cod establishment, but also raised their family here. The business became an integral part of their personal and family life, with both their children having worked as a glassblower and as a gallery associate. The studio prides itself on the labor and creative inspiration, but much of the studios success does lie with Michael and Keiko's personal investment with their business. With Michael helming the studio and Keiko managing the gallery, The Glass Studio on Cape Cod is a beautiful love affair of work and family that continues to produce intimate and inspiring pieces of art.